Synthia Suzelis of Health Advocate Services (HAS)

placeholderSynthia Suzelis offers many services relating to holistic health and medicine that allow for alternative paths to wellness. She is trained to provide Electro-Dermal Screening otherwise known as EDS and can recommend healthy eating choices as well as vitamins and supplements that can help clients heal. She is available for new clients to schedule Initial Consultations or client that wish to come back can schedule Follow Up’s. Synthia’s schedule can become full very quickly therefore should you not be able to find a suitable time-frame please call our office to be placed on a cancellation wait list or to see if other arrangements can be made.

Calling our office at 330-872-1577 is the best way to find available appointment times for Synthia. Her schedule fills up fast but a cancellation does happen from time to time in which we might be able to offer to you.