Spring Essentials

Healthy Treasures’ list of recommended products to keep you happy, healthy, and having fun this spring! 🌷 🌷 🌷 🌷 

List compiled & written by Katie W.

Are you struggling with…

Allergies? Allergies seem to get worse and worse every year. We have many different remedies to choose from! Our most popular is the ReLeaf System that uses a natural herbal combination, or our new product Allercetin, an all natural homeopathic tablet.

Flu symptoms? It seems like there is always a bug going around this time of year. If you have flu like symptoms, taking Oscillococcinum (Homeopathic) or Wellness Formula, can help you combat these illnesses early on.

Poison Ivy? Did your property erupt with poison ivy all of the sudden this year or was it just us? Rhus Tox is a homeopathic remedy that will heal your poison ivy from the inside out so you can avoid the use of steroids. Poison Ivy Soap is an amazing all natural poison ivy preventative and remedy. You can use it after exposure or on top of a current rash.

Itchy Bug Bites? Try this natural Tea Tree Oil Stick from Desert Essense, perfect for on the go topical use, or Newton’s Homeopathic Bug Bite Itch Stopper.

Pesky Bugs Outside? Buzz Away Natural Bug Spray, made with natural essential oils. No DEET or harsh chemicals, but just as effective!

Sunburn? Try Aloe Vera Topical Gelly or Califlora Gel! Both of these topicals will help cool down and heal your burn.

Splinters or Bee Sting? Prid’s Drawing Salve is an all natural, homeopathic healing ointment that will help draw out splinters, bee stings, and can even help heal any bites, cuts and scrapes.

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**As with any health related issues, it’s always a good idea to consult a healthcare profressional, especially if your symptoms persist or hinder you from maintaining your daily routine. Anything on this blog is not to be taken as official medical advice.**

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